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Scribd Uploader 1.2

Connects to Scribd servers and uploads the files while editing their metadata
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Scribd Inc.
Uploads many files at once from your desktop to the Scribd servers and provides full file customization before changes are saved to the servers. Manages bulk uploads and organizes them to better find where they're stored. Customize the files even further by adding descriptions and, custom titles, tags and more.

Scribd is the largest library of documents shared by millions of users online. Scribd provides advanced technology that provides the ability to read these documents online without the need to download them or to own the program that can recognize their different formats. Due to the increased popularity of Scribd service, they decided to build a handy desktop tool that allows their registered users to upload their documents by browsing for the files through clicking on the "+ ADD" icon or by a simple drag and drop process. The tool has a remove icon called "- REMOVE" which allows to remove any documents from the upload queue. The program offers you the ability to specify the meta-tags of the document to be uploaded such as the document's title, description and tags for each document that you want to upload. You can also specify whether you want your document public or private so it doesn't become available to the whole world without your permission. In addition, the program has an option to set all the documents to be uploaded as private so you don't have to set each one of them manually. The upload process is fairly simple, just click on the green upload icon and it will show you the percent done of the upload process and you can cancel it at anytime. The tool has a built-in error console to help you diagnose the common errors that you may face.

Mark Adeeb
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  • Easy to use
  • Supports drag and drop


  • Doesn't allow you to manage your already uploaded documents
  • Doesn't support resuming of broken uploads
  • Upload sometimes hang with slow or bad internet connections
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